I do Photography
a Little Differently.

I am a photographer second. I am a storyteller first. Every photoshoot is a new story with new characters, a new setting, and new twists and turns. To be the best author, I strive to be well acquainted with my clients and the story that want me to share.

Where most people have set photographic poses and a bunch of preconceived ideas, I tailor the session experience to my clients. After all, shouldn’t your story be uniquely yours?


Photography is just like any other form of storytelling in that knowing the setting and the character allows the author to craft scenes that are true to the story world. My job is to tell your story and make show that is unlike anyone else's.

Ties are made to be loosened and dressed are made to spin in. Having an appreciation for the finer things in life is no excuse to miss out on the party. I love working with clients who love to throw grand events, ensuring everyone in attendance has a blast.

Aren’t afraid to get down on the dance floor, Louboutins and all.

My dream clients

And they know it's all in the details! From art to architecture and interior design, I love working with clients who are detail oriented and have an great appreciate for classic and timeless elements with a healthy touch of modern appeal.

Are a little bit modern, and a little bit classic.

My dream clients

Forget the traditional couples poses! My dream clients desire to capture the true expression of the romance in their fairy tale, as well as the true essence of their love story. From chased kisses and the light caresses to the genuine full belly laughs.

Aren't afraid to
step out of their comfort zones.

My dream clients


the number of weddings I offer each year

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THe number of international flights taken in the last year


of my couples do first looks. ask me why!


the cups of coffee I drink each week. Black & ICED, please!


When I plan to retire and Travel the world, full-time


With a Destiny's Lens experience, couples and individuals enter a safe space to step away from the traditional photography experience, to capture moments that are both parts authentic and beautifully crafted.

All packages include session time, a Pinterest-like gallery of digital images, and a print release that includes rights to download digital gallery. All packages also include a photoshoot gallery delivery experience that will allow you to snag a peak at your images before they're done.

My Offerings


Begin at $3,000



Begin at $500


Begin at $300



“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

— Aaron Siskind

Your story is personal and intimate!

 I believe

Your story is meant to be intimately told AND widely celebrated. Using natural light to capture moments with a balance between natural and editorial.

Your story is special and everchanging.

Moments come and go in the blink of an eye or the click of a shutter. We can't wait to grab them, share them, and keep them close to our hearts.

 I believe


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