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Daisy’s Newborn Lifestyle Photoshoot

Red curtains were pulled down from the wall. The wooden blinds were pulled up. Early afternoon light illuminated the bedroom. Miss Daisy was in between feedings, and for the moment, she was content. No, rather, she was mesmerized, her hypnotized gaze fixed on the only source of light in the room. “She loves windows,” Nichole said, staring in wonder at her 1-month-old baby girl.

I’ve always thought of Nichole as a tough person. She can be supportive and empathetic, but she is not known to take crap from people. She is assertive, and she doesn’t mince words. What a force to reckon with. When she married the man God brought into her life, Caton, I expected to see a different side of her as she molded to this new role of “wife.” But while some things in her life were a little different, she was the same Nichole I grew up with.

The first time I saw her after giving birth to Miss Daisy, I noticed – the change that happens when a woman becomes a mother. A marshmallow softness now accompanied her strength and toughness for the tiny girl in her arms. There was also the caution or fear that sneaks up on us when we become moms.

And while that was a pleasantly shocking side of her to see, I was even more surprised to see how becoming a dad changed Caton. Nichole gushed about how her husband is wrapped around their daughter’s finger. She told me that he would come home excited over the cutest outfits he bought her and how he was pro at swaddling. I know that a daughter can melt any man’s heart, but I couldn’t imagine this side to the mellow, mountain-man guy that I know. Then, I got the chance to see him dress, hold, and swaddle his little girl. Yeah… Daisy’s parents are BOTH wrapped around her finger. It’s the cutest thing!!

Nichole & Caton, sometimes our soft hearts have to harden when doing our jobs as moms and dads. And remaining firm when you are the cause of tears in your child’s eyes can be the most painful thing. No matter how soft your hearts are for your baby girl, I am confident that you two will raise her to be a daughter in Christ. Through the ups and downs, there will be so many of us rooting you on the sidelines. You have a village, and you have God’s handbook for parenting. I love both of you, and I love your beautiful Miss Daisy too! <3

newborn lifestyle photoshoot

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