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Creekside Estates Engagement in Peoria Arizona

A fairy tale engagement photoshoot at the Creekside Estates in Peoria, Arizona.

The hottest recorded day of 2021 in Phoenix so far is June 17th, checking in at a blistering 118 degrees. Over a month prior, I had reserved the Creekside Estates in Peoria on June 19th for Britney and Chase’s engagement photoshoot. There was a point when I considered reaching out to see if they would be interested in rescheduling. It was going to be HOT!!!

I’m so happy I didn’t.

Britney and I took our time finding the best location for this shoot. Thankfully, Britney was very, VERY patient with me. We both had similar ideas about the mood and feel of the session. We agreed that even if it could be done in the desert (beautifully in Arizona), it shouldn’t be. Their story needed to include a setting that complimented how Britney sees her relationship with Chase. When Britney shared her engagement story with me, she ended it with a confident, teary-eyed, “it’s really a fairy tale.”  She wasn’t talking of the emotional proposal on a bridge in Cancun that left her screaming in excitement. No. She was talking about her soulmate and the journey they’ve shared over the past 8 years.

Britney and I bounce different locations around. However, nothing felt right. Not until we found the Creekside Estates. It was an easy HECK-YES for everyone, and we had the reservation set the next day.

Finding this location only multiplied the excitement for the engagement shoot. And somehow, rescheduling, despite the awful heat we knew we had coming, just didn’t compute with us.

Britney & Chase, every couple I’ve worked with leaves a unique impression that I attach to a word. Individually, you both are beautiful, kind people. Together, you radiate a kind of synergy – I think the layman’s term for it is “relationship goals.”

Photography has always gifted me wonderful opportunities to experiment and improve. You two gifted me my first step in moving my career in a direction that previously was only a dream. Your story is yours. You trusted me to pick up my camera and capture intimate glimpses of your bond to tell your story. As the years trudge on and I continue to work on my ability to do these stories justice, I will never forget the edification and encouragement I gained from our time together.

I had so much fun planning your photoshoot and even more fun during it! Your company is an absolute delight!!! I am incredibly excited for both of you and the next steps you are taking in your journey together.

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