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An Engagement Session in Peoria Arizona

He crocheted down. She secured a hand on each of his shoulders. With a small jump, Sierra wrapped her limbs around Chase like a koala bear. He gave a little bounce to inch her up so she could comfortably wrap her arms around his neck. And with a serene smile and eyes closed, Sierra rested on Chase’s back.

Their photoshoot was scheduled very shortly before the shoot day. I didn’t have the opportunity to get to know both Sierra and Chase and generally like to. So, as we started their engagement session, I asked them how they would describe their personalities and their relationship. They mentioned that they were rather professional people. But the look on Sierra’s face told me that just because they were professional towards the outside world, they were laid back and possibly even goofy people within their relationship. Whether or not that assessment was true, you should have seen Chase’s face when I suggested having Sierra give him a piggyback ride.

Sierra and Chase were both amazing sports during their engagement session. As we got into it, I could see more and more of the joy they share in their relationship. If they were sitting in each other’s arms, spinning in circles, or strolling down the street of the Creekside Estates, when their eyes met, they were all smiles.

Sierra & Chase, it was a wonderful pleasure meeting you. I am so happy for the two of you and the journey you are about to embark on with one another. I believe that communication is one of the core fundamentals of a successful relationship. Communication, however, isn’t only talking through the bad or hard things. Communicating our joy is equally important. I pray that regardless of where you find yourselves along the way, you both remember to laugh and smile with one another!

Engagement Session in Peoria Arizona

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