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A Phoenix Wedding Ceremony in Heritage Square Park

The couple was standing on the Rosson House porch in front of their closest loved ones. Anna and Ivan were all smiles following their intimate marriage ceremony. His left palm was on her back. His right hand was on the curve of her hip. Ivan’s eyes were glued to his wife. Then he dipped her back. Anna’s laugh was a prelude to what can only be a lifetime of happiness between the two.  

People commonly refer to relationships as a two-piece puzzle. I have to disagree. A relationship is more like a Long Beach Iced Tea. First off, it’s hard – roughly 3.5 oz of straight liquor hard. And secondly, you can successfully craft it in several ways. As with any cocktail, if the ingredients you choose to add don’t complement and balance, you’ll have a drink; it just won’t taste delicious. As long as two people are deliberate about working on a marriage and choosing to love one another actively, I have to believe any marriage can work.

I’ve known Ivan since we were kids. I had only spoken to Anna once before meeting her in person the day they made their marriage official. I had a short time with the two of them together. It quickly became clear Anna and Ivan are not two people who will make a marriage work. They are two people who are going to make a working marriage fun and utterly enjoyable.

Anna and Ivan, when we finished taking photos on the porch, I recall telling you your personalities complimented each other so well. Anna, you said to me, “yes, that’s why we got married,” with the most honest sincerity. As someone outside looking in, I share this with you. Finding two people who so obviously suit each other the way you both do is rare. It has to be one of the most important ingredients to making a good marriage the best marriage.

I said it before, but I can’t say it enough. Thank you for entrusting me with the honor of capturing this day for you. With all the love in my heart, I pray for countless years of joy for the two of you! <3

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