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Maternity Photoshoot at the Creekside Estates

The parked car’s engine modestly rumbled through the quiet neighborhood. The passenger window rolled down to Tiara sitting in the driver’s seat. She was sifting through a makeup bag on her lap. She finished her mascara and pulled out a red tube of lipstick, and swiped a coat on. Quickly, she packed her makeup away, zipping up the travel-size bag, and glanced to the passenger window. As she finished up her makeup and gathered her things, let me tell you, her smile did not falter once!

When I shared a sneak peek of Tiara’s maternity photoshoot, I couldn’t help but comment on her pregnancy glow. Going through her photos, I found myself wondering, “is pregnancy glow a real thing?? Is that what I am seeing in these photos?” I looked into this phenomenon and when you learn how and why it happens, it makes sense to an extent. Something about blood flow and circulation – google it, it’s quite interesting.

I look through these images, and I see a “glow.” But when I think back to my time with Tiara, I realized what I see is so much more than a pregnancy side effect. Her personality SHINES! Surrounding ourselves with uplifting people has extraordinary consequences when considering our personal happiness. I shared a lovely 30 minutes with Tiara. I thought many times throughout that 30 minutes that if more people walked outside with her demeanor, the world would be such a happier place.

Tiara, yes, you have a glow about you, but I believe it’s only magnified by your incredible personality. A genuine smile can change lives. I speak from experience when I say you positively impact the lives of people you cross paths with just by being happy. I’m grateful and blessed that God worked things in a way that allowed me to delight in your company.

Motherhood is an exhausting but rewarding part of life, as I’m sure you’ve already learned. I’m thrilled that you were able to have a maternity photoshoot done this time around. Excitement is contagious, and I am so so, may I say again, SO incredibly excited for you and your family!!!

Peoria Arizona Maternity Photoshoot

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